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Iwata NEO TRN1 Trigger Gravity Feed Airbrush (.35 mm)

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 This is not any ordinary trigger airbrush! The NEO Series, including these New NEO for Iwata Trigger Airbrushes, are unique in that they are designed to work at low air pressures. The benefits of the NEO Trigger Airbrushes working with low air pressures are minimal overspray, precise control, detailed spraying, fine atomization and affordability. Specifically designed to work together, the NEO AIR for Iwata Miniature Air Compressor and the New NEO for Iwata Trigger Airbrushes make the perfect setà affordable and compact! Includes interchangeable .24 oz. (7cc) with lid and a .1 oz. (3cc) cups designed with a funnel shape, which makes for easy clean-up and more efficient paint flow. Preferred when working in small- to medium-sized areas with small amounts of paint, the gravity-feed trigger airbrush performs well at lower air pressures, which helps create greater detail. 

Iwata part : N5500