Please note: that the Copic airbrush system does NOT work with Copic Ciao markers. For use with Sketch or Classic markers only.

Airbrush with your Copic Sketch or Classic markers. Simply insert the marker into the holder that is connected to an air source and spray! great for doing delicate shading.

The ABS 2 Starter Set has the Air Handle and an air can. This is everything you need to start airbrushing. Be aware that the Copic D-60 air can only lasts for about 5-8 minutes of continuous use.

To use your Copic airbrush System with an airbrush air compressor, you will need the Copic Air Handle and the Copic Air Adapter (the ABS 3 Starter Set has both). This will allow you to connect with any airbrush hose with a female 1/8" NPT connection. All the airbrush compressors we have listed include a hose with the correct fitting.

 To use Iwata AirBlast canned air with your Copic Airbrush System, you will need the Copic Air Handle and the Copic Air Adapter (or the ABS 3 Starter Set) and the following:

  1. Iwata Airblast Can Regulator Valve.
  2. Iwata Air Hose
  3. Iwata Airblast Canned Air


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