Medea MTS101 Airbrush Thread Sealer -
Medea MTS101 Airbrush Thread Sealer -


Medea MTS101 Airbrush Thread Sealer

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Iwata-Medea has partnered with Portland Bee Balm to craft a high-quality bees wax perfect for sealing airbrush threads. This unique balance of organic, locally sourced bees wax and oils creates the ideal consistency for creating air-tight metal to metal connections. Effective, safe and easy to apply, this exclusive formula is the newest must have for airbrush maintenance.  This product is not just repackaged lip balm, but a formulation that is a specifically formulated for creating a seal on your threads and yet it still comes in the very handy “lip balm-like” applicator.

  • For use on all your airbrushes, spray guns and tools with threaded parts
  • Remedies and prevents bubbles in your airbrush cup and bottle due to air leaks
  • Comes in a simple, no mess applicator
  • Extends the life of your parts