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Iwata Ninja Jet Mini Airbrush Compressor IS-35

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Compact in size and quiet, the Ninja Jet includes a built-in airbrush holder and a carrying handle that's ready to go anywhere. Comes with an airhose. The Ninja Jet Compressor is great for projects that do not require very high air pressure such as cake decorating, cosmetics and nails. Because the max pressure is 15 psi the color will need to be a thinner, free flowing formula. We do not recommend this compressor for using airbrush paints such as acrylics or enamels which require higher air pressure (around 25-45 psi).  

  • Horsepower :  1/12th
  • Auto-shutoff : No
  • Airbrush hose included : Yes
  • Air pressure regulator : Yes
  • Air storage tank : No
  • Working pressure (psi) :  1 - 15
  • Net weight (lbs) :   2.69
  • Assembled dimensions (inches) :   6.57 x 6.97 x 4.72 
Iwata part : IS35