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Iwata Eclipse G6 Pistol Grip Airbrush

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A unique "Pistol Grip" airbrush, the Eclipse G6 airbrush looks like a miniature spray gun, but sprays and performs like a large airbrush with its 0.6-mm stainless-steel nozzle. It can be used with siphon feed airbrush bottles (I-480-3-G6) that are especially made for the G6. These bottles have a threaded connection that allows for a quick change to another bottle. This airbrush can also be fitted with a gravity-feed cup (sold separately) and used like a regular gravity feed spray gun. The Iwata Eclipse G6 airbrush works well with the Iwata Studio Series Jet Pro and Power Jet Lite Compressors. It comes in a storage case and 2 side-feed bottles are included.

Iwata part : ECL9000