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Iwata RG-3L Mini Spray Gun (with PC-61 4 oz cup) 0.6 mm round pattern cap

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Auto-graphics artists, auto-body refinishers, custom-auto painters, large-scale mural and sign makers, general-purpose painters and artists commonly use Anest Iwata spray guns for everything from detail touch-up to large-scale production spraying.

Whether you're a fine artist, production artist or a body-shop painter, Iwata has a spray gun for your every need - one that's ideally suited for spraying gesso, varnishing paintings, murals, backgrounds, custom automotive painting, rendering signs or whatever broad surfaces need to be covered. These guns spray high-viscosity paints - including metallics - with ease.

RG-3 miniature, gravity/side-feed spray gun is the updated version of the popular RG-2 gun

With the spray pattern the same as the RG-2, the major difference is the integrated cartridge-style "air-valve" set

The air-valve set can be removed like a cartridge, serviced outside the gun and easily placed back into the gun body, making it more reliable and easier to maintain

Produces remarkable atomization with precise control of the spray pattern

Its 4 oz. (110 ml) stainless-steel gravity cup is side-mounted and rotates, allowing for spraying horizontally, vertically or underneath surfaces

Unlike siphon-feed guns, this gravity-feed cup will work with small amounts of paint without spitting

Ideal for touch-up or custom automotive and motorcycle painting, illustration background spraying, large studio work and murals

Spray pattern is from 1/8" to 2-1/2" (0.3 cm to 6.3 cm)

Uses 1.1 cfm at 25 psi

Iwata part : H9100