Finesse Double Tip Blender Pen for Colored Pencil -


Finesse Double Tip Blender Pen for Colored Pencil

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Finesse blender pens for colored pencil have a fine rigid tip on one end for control and detail and a flexible, felt brush tip on the other end for smooth blending and shading. The colorless, alcohol-based blending solution works with especially well with wax based pencils and is fast drying and acid free. In our tests, it blended best with Caran d'ache, Prismacolor, Faber-Castell, Derwent and Lyra pencils, although many of the value or student grade pencils benefited from its use as well. Many artists prefer to keep several on hand to blend different color values cutting down on cleaning time, but it's easy to clean between colors. Just keep a piece of scratch paper on hand and wipe the nib a couple times on it and it's ready for the next color. It's normal for the felt nib to get a bit stained by some colors, but the blending solution will still come off clear on the paper. Our favorite thing about blending with the Finesse blending pen is how intense and beautiful colors look after you've used it. You'll be amazed how your colors pop and how realistic a detailed drawing can look when the color is smoothed out!