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Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith Watercolor Stick - 3 inch - Alizarin Crimson

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 Item:284 600 004, Pigment: PR 83 (58000), Lightfastness: Poor, Transparent, Medium staining, Non-Granulating

A beautiful bluish-red pigment from the staining family, Alizarin Crimson is listed on the basic palette of a vast majority of artists. Intense and dark in value, Alizarin Crimson mixes cleanly with most pigments to create dark mixtures and warm neutrals. 

These watercolor sticks feature the same color intensity as Daniel Smith  Extra-Fine Watercolors, and the same convenience and portability of  half pans in a handy stick form. Each watercolor stick is packed with  pure pigment and is highly reactive with water, producing vibrant,  strong, rich and creamy colors when wet. They can also be used dry to  help build texture, making them a great medium for sketching, developing  color values and bold expressions. These extra-fine watercolor sticks  are a great addition to every artist s palette.