Createx Auto Air 4011 Fast Dry Reducer 8 fl oz -


Createx Auto Air 4011 Fast Dry Reducer 8 fl oz

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4011 is a flash dry reducer which works best in hot, humid environments of 80+ degrees. It helps with adhesion, speeds up the drying time and helps to prevent 'fogging' which can happen when moisture gets trapped in or under a paint layer. We've found it does not work quite as well for customers who live in very dry, climates like the desert (use 4012 instead). 

A recommended thinner for all Createx paints and clears, 4011 Reducer is used to lower viscosity when airbrushing. 4011 promotes faster drying times and complete curing and is generally added 5% - 10% per volume to paint. If more reducer is needed to achieve detailed flow at low pressure settings, 4011 can be added in increments of 5% per volume, but should not need to exceed 20% of the total mixture. Refer to for more information about thinning and mixing specific color type.