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Copic CLASSIC Marker 72 set A

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Copic CLASSIC marker (formerly called Original) Marker 72 set A. These are the CLASSIC Copic marker with the square barrel. They have a chisel tip on one end and a fine tip on the other end. (no brush tip)

 This set contains the following colors: E09, E29, E33, E37, E44, C1, C3, C5, C7, C9, W1, W3, W5, W7, W9, 0, 100, 110, G17, G21, G28, G99, BG09, BG10, BG15, BG18, B05, B06, B14, B23, B26, B29, B32, B34, B37, B39, YR14, YR18, YR23, YR24, Y06, Y11, Y13, Y15, Y21, Y26, YG03, YG13, YG23, YG91, YG95, YG97, YG99, G07, BV08, V06, V09, RV04, RV09, RV11, RV17, RV19, RV29, R02, R08, R27, R32, R37, YR00, YR04, YR07, YR09