RENDR Hardcover Sketchbook 8.5x11 inch -


RENDR Hardcover Sketchbook 8.5x11 inch

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The RENDR 8.5" X 11" Hardcover Sketchbook contains 96 pages (48 sheets) of RENDR "No Show Thru" paper that accepts almost any media. RENDR paper by Crescent is amazing! The paper is a normal weight 110 lb. (180gsm), yet markers will not bleed through and will not even show on the other side. We have personally tested this paper with Copic markers. We held the marker nib against the paper for a long time and tried to soak it with ink and you could not even see the ink on the other side of the sheet. Finally a sketchbook that allows you to work on both sides of the paper with markers. Artists can use every page and double the sketching capacity.