Mary Burgess Portraits In Watercolor Supply List. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have all of these the first day of class. We can put in a group order after the class begins. I recommend using professional grade paints such as Winsor Newton (WN), Daniel Smith (DS), Holbein or Graham (G)

Aureolin (G) Hansa Yellow Light (DS) 
New Gamboge (WN) Quinacridone Gold (DS) 
Raw Sienna (WN) Burnt Sienna (WN)
Quinacridone Burnt Orange (DS) Burnt Umber (WN) 
Vermillion Hue (Holbein) Quinacridone Coral (DS)
Permanent Rose (WN) Permanent Alizarin Crimson (DS) 
Dioxazine Violet (WN) Verditer Blue (DS) or Cobalt (WN) 
Cerulean Blue (WN) Manganese Blue Hue (WN)
French Ultramarine Blue (WN) Green Gold (DS) 
Cobalt Turquoise (WN) 

20 gram cake of Artgraf Water-soluble Graphite 
1 Water-soluble Graphite pencil 
3 round brushes…small, medium and large (6, 10 and 16) or something close. I like to choose firm bristles that won’t go wimpy when wet. 
1 brush for lifting…Winsor Newton Monarch Bright site 10 or 12. This is actually a brush for acrylic painting, but is the best for lifting that I have found. Make sure it is bright and not flat. 
Two flat watercolor wash brushes 1/2 or 3/4 inch and 1 inch. Winsor Newton makes a nice one. 
2-3 sheets of Arches 140 pound Cold Press (22x30 inches). We can order this from Merri Artist for the best price as a group. 
Other things:
Covered watercolor palette, paper towels, pencil 3-H, Gatorboard or other board at least 12x16 for under your painting, masking tape or art tape (1 inch)
$15.44 $19.44
$13.43 $30.01
$17.99 $41.42
$27.41 $63.09
$1.20 $2.00
$18.99 $27.95
$13.08 $15.95
$9.95 $16.59
$17.15 $34.29
$10.15 $20.29
$14.65 $29.29
$18.67 $41.49