Mary Burgess Watercolor Supply List. 

Buy either Winsor-Newton or Daniel Smith watercolor paint in these colors:
(Required paint colors) 
New Gamboge 
Aureolin Yellow 
Winsor Red 
Quinacridone Rose or Permanent Rose 
French Ultramarine Blue
Cerulean Blue 
Burnt Sienna 

(Optional paint colors) 
Quinacridone gold (DS or WN) 
Dioxazine Violet 
Permanent Sap Green (WN) 
Winsor blue or Phthalo Blue
Cobalt Turquoise Light (WN or Holbein) 
Quinacridone Coral (DS) 
Green Gold (DS),

Hansa Yellow Light (DS) 
Raw Sienna (WN) 
Burnt Umber (WN) 
Permanent Alizarin Crimson (WN)
Bright Violet (Holbein)
Verditer Blue (DS)
Manganese Blue (WN
Vermillion Hue (Holbein)

#8 round (Princeton Neptune or comparable) 
#14 or 16 round (choose firm watercolor brushes e.g. Escoda brand) 
1 inch flat wash brush (optional)
#4 small round brush (optional) 
Monarch Bright size 10 (optional) this is an acrylic brush for lifting 

Other supplies:
Jane Jones Palette or any Watercolor palette with cover
3-4 sheets 22x30 140 lb cold press Arches watercolor paper
water container
gator board or masonite board about 12x16 or larger
artist tape or masking tape
paper towels or full toilet paper roll
old towel or rag
ruler, scissors, glue stick, #2 pencil and soft pencil 4B or so

Sketchbook at least 9x12 or Binder (1 inch) with some copy paper
Drawing pencil, kneaded eraser or white eraser such as Pentel

Bring whatever you have…you can always add more supplies later
$4.50 $7.50
$1.16 $1.80
$1.20 $2.00
$14.99 $34.51
$3.75 $5.00
$17.15 $34.29
$13.08 $15.95
$4.49 $7.49
$18.67 $41.49
$13.43 $30.01
$19.35 $53.42
$11.99 $26.80
$1.20 $2.00
$27.41 $63.09
$6.93 $11.55
$20.21 $46.53
$14.65 $29.29