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Airbrush Basics Workshop

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We're excited to announce our first Merri Artist sponsored
Airbrush Workshop on Saturday, August 19, 2023!  
The class will be held at The Backdoor Studio in McMinnville, Oregon with instructor Tracy Lee White from 9 am to 5 pm.

No experience is necessary and we will provide the Iwata Eclipse CS airbrushes as well as all other equipment and supplies for you to use throughout the workshop!

This workshop is geared toward beginners as well as more experienced airbrush artists' with the desire to refine their techniques. We will cover the fundamentals of airbrushing, to help establish good airbrushing habits from the beginning. The drills we'll cover are designed to build muscle memory, help correctly handle your airbrush and over time create a more automated process to advance technique more quickly. As with any technical skills, they come with patience, practice and time. Even if you've been airbrushing for a while, your overall technique will improve with this dedicated time working on these basic/intermediate skills and drills!

We will spend the first half of the day covering:

  • Ideal airbrush setup for beginners
  • Compressor use and settings
  • Drills for spray/trigger control and paint release
  • Thinning (reducing) paint to stay clog-free while airbrushing
  • Paint, Primer, Surfaces, and Finishes
  • Using Freehand/Template/Masking to gain soft/hard edges
  • 3-D Techniques with Shadows and Highlights with an emphasis on light sources
  • Our first painting project!!

The second half of the day includes: 

  • 1-2 more skill-building projects to build speed, accuracy, and skill (time dependent)
  • Assembly/Disassembly of an airbrush
  • Proper airbrush care/General maintenance

The overall goal is to help you advance your abilities during this hands-on workshop. There will be printed material available to help retain the vast amount of information given throughout the workshop. All materials and equipment are provided for the class.

The workshop will be limited to 4-10 Students. The investment is $175/per student. Please note, discount codes may NOT be used to purchase a class.

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About the instructor:

Tracy Lee White has been the airbrush specialist on staff at the Merri Artist for five years and has been refered to as the 'Airbrush Therapist'. She was introduced to airbrushing as a teenager through her aunt that hand-carved and painted waterfowl for Duck's Unlimited and used those basic skills to airbrush cakes in the on campus bakery in college. After years of airbrushing more consistently, she also refurbishes/repairs for others and "airbrushes just about anything that stands still long enough".

Her love for all things creative has also been supported through many years as a photojournalist, portrait photographer and more recently as a fine artist with a focus in watercolor and creating handmade journals.