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Koi Watercolor set of 24 - Creative Art Colors

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Koi Creative Art Colors (CAC) Watercolor Set, 24-Colors. This pocket-sized, compact Koi CAC set has all the essential accessories for painting on-the-go. Create your own unique washes and blends with the metallic, fluorescent and pearlescent paints or mix them with your traditional watercolor set. The vibrant fluorescent hues are perfect for adding a pop of color that glows beautifully under a black light. The metallic and pearlescent shades are ideal for adding shimmer to your lettering, illustrations, comic characters and mixed media paintings. These special effects also work great on black paper. This comprehensive set includes silver, light gold, deep gold, copper, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange, fluorescent red, fluorescent blue, fluorescent green, fluorescent rose, fluorescent magenta, fluorescent violet, pearl yellow, pearl orange, pearl pink, pearl red, pearl purple, pearl light blue, pearl blue, pearl Prussian blue, pearl green pale, pearl green, pearl green deep and pearl brown colors.