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SKU: I-R-5500

Featuring a uniquely designed Pistol Trigger with a fixed dual-action
operation, the Iwata Revolution TR Airbrushes deliver comfortable,
ultra-smooth performance that's ideal for custom automotive painting.
Equipped with the new FA450 Iwata Pistol Grip Filter that acts as a
superior defense against moisture, the HP-TR1 and HP-TR2 give total
control over paint and spray just like conventional airbrushes. Their
designs offer the same comfort and feel that's typical of a larger
spray gun. Each is impervious to solvent-based paints thanks to the
PTFE packing needle seal, which can be easily replaced.

The HP-TR1 (0.3mm) comes with a 1/4 oz. side-mount color cup. Ergonomic, balanced handle makes for easy, level spraying.