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The Confetti 36-Color Dot Cards Pack includes 36 dots  of watercolor paint on nine inspirational themed cards: 

  • Gemstones -  rhodonite genuine, jadeite genuine, amazonite genuine and amethyst  genuine.
  • Mix & Mingle 1 - hansa yellow medium, anthraquinoid red,  French ultramarine blue and lunar black.
  • Mix & Mingle 2 - permanent  orange, imperial purple, phthalo green (blue shade) and Jane's gray.
  • Autumn Glow - Aussie red gold, quinacridone gold, quinacridone burnt  orange and hansa yellow light.
  • Born to Sparkle - pearlescent white,  duochrome Cabo blue, duochrome hibiscus and duochrome emerald.
  • Add a  Little Sparkle - iridescent gold, iridescent garnet, iridescent russet  and iridescent electric blue.
  • Granulating Fun - rose of ultramarine, sap  green, ultramarine turquoise and lunar blue.
  • Colors of Inspiration -  opera pink, cascade green, green gold and moonglow.
  • Paint Flowers -  wisteria, lavender, quinacridone lilac and quinacridone rose.