Marabu Porcelain & Glas Painter Markers are fantastic for decorating mugs, glass, metal, plexi and more! Items decorated with Marabu Porcelain and Glas Painters are dishwasher-safe (up to 122°F on a glasses/cups cycle) once heat set in the oven. The .8mm tip is ideal for delicate painting and writing and perfect in combination with stencils. The 1-2mm tip is ideal for painting and writing, making it ideal to use for a variety of techniques. On slick surfaces like glass, the .8 nib can have a little trouble starting the ink flow from the nib, so have a piece of scrap paper handy. Once you mark on the paper, the ink will flow easily.

To heat set: Let your item airdry for 4 hours, then put it into a cold oven, turn the temperature up to 320°F (160°C) and let it bake for 30 minutes. Let the item cool in the oven after you turn it off.